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Are you thinking of post-surgery rehabilitation?

Operations can now work what could once have been deemed a miracle. After even the most severe operations, you will hopefully be able to return to the sports and hobbies you love too. One big helping factor in this process is post-surgery rehabilitation.

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You should always consider post-surgery rehabilitation to eliminate any risk of an incomplete recovery.


There will often be weaknesses and pains after surgery that your body is not used to. Your body will need to restore its mobilisation and post-surgery rehabilitation is the only solution for this.

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If you ever have any queries or concerns for your individual requirements, we are always happy to help. Our experienced team can offer you friendly help and advice on any post-surgical questions.

The surgery is always just half of the battle. Always make sure that you take every step necessary for your full rehabilitation. Contact Paisley Physiotherapy Centre to find out about any of our physiotherapy treatments.

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“They got me walking again when NHS had given up on me! Best physios in town! Professional, personal, caring and flexible!”

- Rachel G Lovell

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